1) Why can't I see my ECG recording?

ECG Check device is automatically set to OTC (over the counter) mode. In OTC mode, you will not be able to view your full read-out. You will receive a message that your reading is either normal or abnormal. Your recordings will be saved and you can send those to health care provider.

2) What are the differences between OTC and Rx/Physician mode?


  • Physician must provide prescription w/ NPI number
  • ECG, heart rate, and quality displayed with recording
  • ECG Reports with Analysis
  • Available review by qualified technician or your physician*
  • Ability to share recordings via email or web site
  • Unlimited storage locally and online
  • Unlimited automated analysis

Over the Counter

  • No prescription required
  • Heart rate and quality displayed with recording
  • Convertible to Prescription at Physician request
  • Available review by qualified technician*
  • Ability to share recordings via email or web site
  • Unlimited storage locally and online
  • Unlimited automated analysis
* (Coming soon) Overread services offered for additional fee. Physician must opt-in to receive recordings

3) How do I upgrade my device?

To upgrade your device, you need a prescription or to be a health care provider.

- If you are a patient, select the "Enable Rx Mode" then take a photo of the prescription with your iPhone when prompted.
- If you are physician, select the "Enable Physician Mode" then enter your NPI and state when prompted.
- If you are a physician located outside the US, please send an email to info@cardiacdesigns.com for assistance.

4) I purchased ECG Check and am trying to use it for the first time. Why is the app asking me to buy it?

In order to activate your ECG Check, you'll need to place your fingers on the nodes as directed in the first screen. Upon placing your fingers on the device, you'll unlock it and be able to take your first recording. Do not press the orange bar that reads “Purchase now.”

5) I placed my fingers on the device, but it won't move forward past the first screen. What should I do?

- Make sure that you are using the device with an iPhone 4S or newer, an iPad 3 or newer, or an iPod 5. If you are using an older model than those listed, ECG Check will not work.
- Check to see if you have turned Bluetooth enabled on your phone or tablet.
- Try shutting the app down and restarting it.

If none of these methods, work, please email us at info@cardiacdesigns.com

6) I can't remember my password. What should I do?

Send an email to info@cardiacdesigns.com and we will reset your password.

7) I live outside the US. Can I use ECG Check?

We do not currently ship to other countries, but ECG Check will function outside of the US. For more information, please email info@cardiacdesigns.com

If your question was not answered here, please visit our contact page and send us an email.